Dear Mr S – Reviews of the book

Vanja Schöldéen Nilsson:

  • “DEAR MR S, is a fascinating story and a page turner. I borrowed a before print copy, because I thought the story was intriguing, but what really got to me, was the complete honesty in the mail correspondence between mr S. and miss P.

    It shows us that the human nature is a paradox and nothing is what it seems to be.
    When you get to know a person you realize, theres no completely good or bad about them. All the difficult questions that the writers ask each other in the correspondence, you also have to ask yourself while you read.

    What kind of life have we chosen for ourselves?

    Do you live your life – or is it a compromise?

    I was also very moved by Miss P:s search for her dead father through her correspondence with his lawyer.
    And somehow Mr S’s mother cast a shadow over the whole story… so turn the page – and it will turn you around and as Mr S says ”thats the purpose of books and stories, isn´t it?”

    Vanja Schöldéen Nilsson, actor, director, teacher and human being.

Julie Barlow, on a pre-version of “Dear Mr S”:

  • (…) I really, really enjoyed reading it. It was engaging, well structured, with the unfolding of the growing intimacy of you both, intriguing clues (eg. “I died twice.”) that keep the reading wanting to find out what “happened,”; and the unfolding of each of your stories (particularly, but not exclusively Sebastian’s). (…)

Julie Barlow is a Canadian writer, publishing both in English and French. Since 1994 she has published across Canada, the United States and Europe, in The New York Times, USA Today, The International Herald Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Le Courrier international and more.