Petra Revenue: When my dad died I inherited his lawyer. I want you to meet him, thorugh this ambivalent exchange of letters.
​ Mr S helped me and my brother to sort my father’s estate. Our correspondence began when he discovered my profession as a writer and our common interest in art. He said he had a story. He started telling me about a man who had been convicted of manslaughter and after doing time in prison in his homeland, decided to become a lawyer.I realized that the man he told me about was himself quite soon.Sebastian, born in Canada, runs a successful law firm in Thailand.

We wrote to each other for 3 years. A correspondence of equity, debt, death, life, art, love, surrogacy, losing a parent, how to survive in prison, how to define oneself on different sides of the grid, relationships in different places of the world and, of course, the meaning of language. Meanwhile, we developed a strong bond and a private friendship, the kind that grows when you expose yourself.

Ms Petra Revenue has a background in theater. In her work, she combines the absurd with everyday reflections and in doing so has found her own genre. Her theme and favorite subject is ambivalence. Before becoming a writer, Revenue studied social anthropology and is interested in what ties people together across language and cultural borders.
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Mr Sebastian H. Brousseau started his career in the legal field around 1994 while studying at the University of Montreal. He completed a bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B., 1996) and another in sciences (B.Sc., 1999). He was admitted to practice law in the province of Quebec following a legal battle which was widely publicized. Since 2002, Mr. Brousseau has lived in Asia. Mr. Brousseau and his former partners founded Isaan Lawyers in 2006 in Thailand. A well-established law firm working with foreign and Thai clients. He is currently the managing director.
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